Finished assembling Kondo KHR-3HV

I finally finished the assembly of Kondo KHR-3HV humanoid robot and I would like to point people to some useful resources on the Internet about this robot.

One problem with Kondo robots is the lack of English support. The control software HeartToHeart has an English version but not really complete (e.g. the tooltips and servo names are still in Japanese, etc.).

  1. English Assembly Guide [pdf]
  2. English User Manual for HeartToHeart software [pdf]
  3. HeartToHeart4 Ver.2.1. English for Windows [zip]
  4. Open-Source libkondo4 library[source language=”code”][/source]

Origin Setting

During the assembly, you have to set the origin of the servo motors using the HeartToHeart software. The process is explained in detail in the assembly guide. The problem is that the English version of HeartToHeart does not contain the necessary XML files in it. This is why I had to use a Japanese version 1.2.2 of HeartToHeart (which includes those files) and patched it to support English thanks to this forum thread. So keep in mind that for origin setting, you may want to use an older HeartToHeart.

What’s Next?

I will now try to control to robot using a Raspberry Pi ARM board. I don’t think that building libkondo4 against ARM will cause too much trouble. I’m planning to directly interface the RCB4 controller of the robot from Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins thus eliminating the serial USB adapter.